What is Marriage Counselling?

CouplesThe relationship between two people is not a destination, but rather a journey. Married couples and those in long-term relationships can learn to accept and appreciate their differences, effectively communicate their feelings and needs, and adjust their beliefs and habits. Creating happy, harmonious relationships requires commitment, the learning of new skills, and the effective application of that knowledge.

Marriage and relationship counselling is powerful tool couples can use when they experience challenges. An experienced marriage counsellor and mediator will work with couples to overcome the obstacles to a happy relationship by helping them to come to an understanding of their differences in a constructive way. The journey through marital and couple counselling will add a deeper meaning and strength to your relationship and potentially give you the tools to save your marriage.

How Relationship Counselling works

Marriage and relationship counselling is completely private and confidential. The counsellor does not take sides, and provides a safe and comfortable environment for continued discussion and professional support.

The time frame for counselling depends on the complexity of the challenges involved, and may require from four weeks to up to a few months of weekly / fortnightly sessions. These counselling sessions are usually a combination of individual and joint sessions.

Counselling for sexual and intimacy issues

Many people believe that sex is about performance or personal achievement, or they see it as a duty they have to perform. Sex and intimacy should be none of these, it is about having an intimate connection on an emotional and physical level, about building a deep trust that gives you the freedom to be who you are.

Through healthy sex and intimacy you can communicate your love and unconditional trust and acceptance of your partner in your own unique way. Intimacy and sex is a vital means of spiritual and physical communication and should be seen as a celebration of your lives together as a couple.

We all know how important right communication is for relationships to work. A couple’s sexual life is a form of communication where we express ourselves physically through pleasure and passion. Sexual disharmony is cause for much frustration and disappointment in many marriages and partnerships.

Fear of intimacy and sexual problems are a result of many things including low self-image, a negative or traumatic sexual history, and low sex drive due to raising children. Couples may have false beliefs about what constitutes healthy sex and intimacy that create unrealistic expectations. Sex for a woman and a man are very different, being not just about the orgasm, but rather part of the journey of life.

Through counselling it is possible to conquer your fear of intimacy and sexual problems and develop a healthy, active and physically and spiritually enjoyable sex life with your partner.


An experienced marriage and relationship counsellor mediates to provide professional support and advice for couples in conflict situations. Marital counselling can aid couples in better communication skills and conflict resolution, helping them to reach agreement on their own without Court involvement.

Separation & Divorce

Separation is a very traumatic experience with those involved experiencing a great deal of anger, frustration, guilt and sadness. A marriage and relationship counsellor provides a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment where you can talk about your feelings and learn how to manage them in a healthy way. A counsellor mediates during the process of separation to create a state of mutual understanding and respect.

One of the most damaging occurrences during a marriage or long-term relationship is an extra-marital affair, which can cause a serious crisis in a marriage. It can either lead to continued anger, distrust and eventually separation, or with the help of an experienced and professional marriage and relationship counsellor to the couple in crisis rebuilding lost trust and regaining their love and sense of harmony.