Cross Cultural Couples

cross cultural relationship counselling

Cross Cultural CouplesIt has been said that people from different cultures not only speak different languages, but inhabit different worlds. Cross cultural couple counselling is my special area of interest, focusing on cultural differences within a relationship and giving you the tools to manage cross cultural relationship issues.

I believe developing cultural awareness as a way to understanding how people think and express their feelings, how they behave and talk, how they work and relax, how they celebrate, and how they cope with relationship difficulties.

There are various cultural issues which cross cultural couples face. Individuals may have different cultural assumptions about gender roles, life styles, boundaries, etc than their spouses do. The language barrier can become a reason for misunderstanding in cross cultural relationships, with little or no understanding of how to communicate effectively.

Individuals often have a different frame of reference when it comes to an understanding of the norms and expectations in a relationship, with both partners struggling to accept a foreign culture. This may cause them to feel frustrated, insecure, or judged.

As an experienced cross cultural relationship counsellor I will help you to:

  • explore your partner’s and your own cultural beliefs.
  • understand how differences in your cultures cause conflict in your relationship.
  • find ways to adjust to your partner’s culture without losing your own cultural identity.
  • create a unique, joint couple culture where you both feel “at home”.